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2015 by High Gloss Maintenance Inc.

High Gloss Maintenance Inc. offers a complete janitorial service which is tailored to your company's needs. We pride ourselves on quality, professional service.  Whether it be an initial cleaning or a regular cleaning program, small or large jobs, High Gloss Maintenance Inc. can get the job done.

In keeping with the latest technology, High Gloss Maintenance Inc. has always used quality equipment that assures satisfaction on the part of the client.

High Gloss Maintenance Inc. includes, in most contracts, a window cleaning program to suit your particular needs.  We also offer a complete carpet care maintenance program for your facility. We use trained staff to guarantee quality work is performed on time and on budget.

New construction or renovations to your office can be disruptive to your business. Let High Gloss Maintenance Inc. alleviate that stress. We are experienced in performing initial clean-ups, due to new construction or renovations that can disrupt your business.

No matter what the job, High Gloss Maintenance Inc. has the experience and  trained staff to get the job done.